Are Magicians Geeks? Magician, Nate Jester Explains Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Are Magicians Geeks? Magician, Nate Jester Explains Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We’ve all seen it and I’m sure most of you have joked with your friends about it. Watching those incredibly entertaining magic shows on TV, we still can’t get over the corny, yet incredibly geeky aspect of a magician.

Why are they so geeky you ask? Is it in their genetic makeup or did they get struck with a magic wand one too many times as a child? Could it be the hours upon hours of practice that results in a deprived social life as a teenager?

Seattle Magician – The Ace of Illusions admits, “As you watch my performance I’ll occasionally joke that your entertainment this evening is a result of me not having a social life as a teenager.”

You know you’re a geeky magician when…

  • After each trick you throw a David-Blaine-style eye brow lift or petrified-like stare into the camera as if you’re waiting for a reaction.

    • You act as if magic is real and the magical gods have graced you with paranormal powers.
  • You use music in your performance to cover your odd personality or Michael Jackson-like voice.

  • You can’t break from character, not even to go to the bathroom.

  • You carry around a “bag of magic” (really a 1990s fanny pack) on your days off because you can’t resist the opportunities that may arise.

    • You spend your Saturday nights sitting in a highly cramped and caffeinated back room full of other magicians who also have a blank social calendar.


So there you have it. A bare bones, humble list about why magicians have the predetermined reputation of being geeks.